The Tokenomics for the $PIXEL Token

What is $PIXEL?

The $PIXEL token is the backbone of the Pixel Guild project. As we continue to provide value we'll provide various opportunities to create demand for $PIXEL.

Currently, $PIXEL is necessary for the following utilities:

  • Limited Edition Loot Chests that have a chance of unique Character NFTs

  • A $PIXEL Customisation Store to buy new Characters, Projectiles and Soundtracks so you can play Pixel Guild in your own unique style.

  • Ascension for recurring $PIXEL revenue

We'll also provide opportunities for $PIXEL holders via our partnerships and collaborations.


$PIXEL will be solely distributed to our Guildie NFT holders using two methods.

  1. The Black Market: 133,320 $PIXEL

  2. Ascension: 1,066,560 $PIXEL

The Black Market

The Black Market provides a way for players to get their hands on $PIXEL before everyone else. It's an exchange that will convert $GOLD to $PIXEL at a fair market value determined by the current demand.

The Black Market will provide 133,320 $PIXEL over 60 days, at a rate of 2222 $PIXEL per day. Due to the dynamic price mechanisms of the Black Market, only the players with the most $GOLD will be able to afford the $PIXEL available on the Black Market.

133,320 $PIXEL is only enough to enable 4444 Ascensions (50% of our supply), the other $PIXEL required to ascend the remainder of the collection must be acquired from the Ascension rewards.


Ascension will distribute 1,066,560 $PIXEL that will be rewarded to staked NFTs over a period of time with decreasing reward rates as the supply runs low.

Continue reading for more details about Ascension.


We'll provide hundreds of ways for players to customise their gameplay experience through Customisation items. As we increase our player base and open the game up to more people, those players that want customisation items will either have to buy it from an NFT marketplace, or with $PIXEL from the Shop. Effectively, players that want to buy customisation items will have to buy $PIXEL from those that are earning it from Ascension.

Keep an eye on the Shop in our application as we continue to add more content.

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