🏦The Economy

The Guildie token economy - hunting for treasure, loot boxes and chests and participating in global events!

Game participants

  • Every player is welcome - NFT & Non-NFT holders can all play Pixel Guild and participate in the economy, without any payments or purchases required. Simply load up the game and get adventuring!

  • All players have the ability to earn and spend $GOLD. NFT holders are offered increased rewards, a full ecosystem, and opportunities, but no competitive advantages in global events. To see the detailed benefits of owning a Pixel Guild NFT - see here.

Earning $Gold

  • $GOLD is earned throughout the game, and can be claimed upon completing each level!

  • $GOLD can be earned by any player, without any requirement to invest in an NFT or spend within the game.

  • $GOLD can also be received by burning a Golden Key NFT.

  • $GOLD is needed for basic in-game transactions as outlined previously

  • NFT owners have a multiplier on the $GOLD they earn while playing the game, which is calculated based on the number of NFTs they own, along with their rarity. Find out more about how the multiplier is calculated here.

  • NFT owners can use their $GOLD at the black market and exchange it for $PIXEL.

Earning $PIXEL

  • $PIXEL can be attained in exchange for $GOLD via the black market or received for staking an ascended Guildie NFT.

  • $PIXEL is required for the Ascension of Guildie NFTs

  • $PIXEL is used for limited edition cosmetic items and loot boxes, unlocks a special loot shop, and grants entry to $PIXEL only raffles

  • $PIXEL and its' use cases will also grow and evolve as PixelGuild as whole also develops!

Global Events

  • Custom events that are accessed by purchasing an event ticket with $GOLD, or burning a Golden Key.

  • Events will be available for between 1-2 weeks, so players can have multiple attempts at them, practice their skills and strategy. Most importantly, with events lasting for a significant amount of time, every player will have the time & opportunity to participate!

  • Consumables can be used to help adventurers' performance in these events, but only one consumable per attempt can be used. It is up to the player to strategise and plan their consumable usage for each Event!

  • Win events to be rewarded with limited edition items and rare loot!

  • Events are tracked on leaderboards with player rankings. The higher the players position on the leaderboard, the more likely they are to win rare and exclusive cosmetic items!

  • Events will range from SpeedRuns, Leaderboard Challenges, PvE Boss Fights, and all forms of challenges that will reward winners with loot!


  • Golden Keys open the Golden Chest which is a reward for completing the tutorial. Using multiple Golden Keys to open the chest increases the chances that valuable loot will be found in the chest. GoldenChests are a one-time reward per user.

  • Seasonal Chests can be won by participating in global events and require $GOLD or Golden Keys to be opened. The contents of Seasonal Chests will change based on the global event for which they were rewarded, and some rewards available will be unique to that specific event - so make sure to not miss any events.

  • Seasoned Loot Chests and other types of Chest will be added to the game as development proceeds, and the in-game economy and game mechanics continue to grow.

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