Pixel Guild Community

Introducing the Pixel Guild Community, a friendly and safe space for Guildies to share their experiences, show off their in-game achievements and discuss strategy with their fellow adventurers.
Building a community is the most important aspect of any game - it's what makes a game become more than 'just' a game!

Loot Legends! Welcome to the Guild!

Your adventure begins now! May you find peace among your new kin. Enjoy the comforts of your new home and a safe place to rest after facing endless perils...
Band together, swap stories and strategy, and bond over your newly found freedom within the realm. Prepare yourselves. Your journey into the unknown will take you far from home and lead to your true destiny! The strong will survive, the courageous will conquer, and glory is found by the brave! Godspeed young Guildling, may you survive to tell your tale!

Community Building & Events:

Within the Pixel Guild universe our community of Guildies and adventurers can maximize their involvement and achievements through regular gameplay, in turn allowing them to participate in pure strategy and skill-based Guild Competitions, Challenges, and Events, with tangible rewards for the winners. Frequent in-game and community activity is encouraged and incentivised, but NFT holders are also able to passively participate - utilising Staking Quests whilst inactive or offline.
There's a place for everyone in the Pixel Guild community, whether a casual or competitive gamer, an NFT collector and enthusiast, or simply someone interested in Web3 gaming!
Missing something? Join the Discord & community and have your say and be heard!