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The Store!

Spend your hard earnt rewards!

Introducing the PixelGuild Store!

The Store is separated into two sections, $GOLD, and $PIXEL, spend your coin wisely!


What's available in the store?

  • $GOLD earned through the Story Mode or by burning Keys can be exchanged for goods such as consumables, tokenised items, and Legend's Satchels.
  • $PIXEL earnt through the Black Market or Ascension can be exchanged for Cosmetics or Chests!
Introducing the Inventory for PixelGuild!

What are Consumables?

Consumable Items are purchasable using $GOLD and offers include Extra Life, Spell Power-ups and Speed Boosts - which you'll want to have in your inventory for the competitive events. There is a limit of one consumable per level attempt, to ensure competitive integrity!

What are Legend's Satchels?

Legend's Satchels are purchasable using $GOLD and can contain;
  • Consumables such as Extra Life, Spell Power-ups and Speed Boosts.
  • $GOLD

What are Tokenised Items?

Tokenised Items are in-game items that are stored on the blockchain as NFTs. These items can include anything in the form of a collectible that may or may not have in-game functionality. Keep an eye on the store to make sure you don't miss any limited edition items!

What are Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are cosmetic changes such as skins, weapons, or followers that can be applied to your character in-game. The first airdrop of the Golden Chest (Detailed below) will include the first limited edition skin. Cosmetics that are available will change over time, so stay tuned!

What are Chests?

There are two types of Chests within PixelGuild, and both require a Golden Key to open!
Golden Chests can be obtained only by completing the tutorial. One or more Golden Keys will be required to open Golden Chests - the more Keys used to open the chest - the better the chances that valuable loot will be found in the chest. The Golden chest may contain:
  • A legendary Baba the Baker Skin
  • Common Skins
  • $GOLD
  • Golden Keys
  • $PIXEL
There will be 7,190 Golden Chests airdropped to those who completed the tutorial, there will be no other way to receive a Golden chest after the initial airdrop. This means that with a supply of 26,000 keys there will be demand for the chests as those look to increase their odds when opening (See chests mechanics below).
You'll need to finish the tutorial to receive the Golden Chest and tweet your completion screenshot tagging @pixelguild_SOL with I AM #GUILDISH
Seasoned Loot Chests use a similar but different mechanic to Golden Chests, but it is up to the player to acquire one of these rare chests, and investigate for themselves how to open it!
Seasoned Loot Chests will initially cost $30 $PIXEL (Subject to change) Seasoned Loot Chests will be available on the PixelGuild Store to purchase. These chests may contain:
  • Legendary Skins
  • Common Skins
  • $GOLD
  • Golden Keys
  • $PIXEL
The contents of the Seasoned Loot Chests will change overtime, to offer more rewards, cosmetics, and tokenised items to buyers!

Chest Mechanics:

The Golden Chest and the Seasoned Loot Chests require Golden Keys to open! The more keys you consume when opening chests the greater your chances of achieving the legendary loot! As an example, you may use between 1 and 10 keys to open your chest. If you use 1 key, you'll have a 10% chance, however, if you use 10 keys you have a 100% chance of obtaining the rare!

What are Skins?

Here's Golden Baba, a Legendary Skin from the Golden Chest! Do we need to say anymore?