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Compete to earn!

Global Events

  • Custom events that are accessed by purchasing an event ticket with $GOLD, or burning a Golden Key.
  • Events will be available for between 1-2 weeks, so players can have multiple attempts at them, practice their skills and strategy. Most importantly, with events lasting for a significant amount of time, every player will have the time & opportunity to participate!
  • Consumables can be used to help adventurers' performance in these events, but only one consumable per attempt can be used. It is up to the player to strategise and plan their consumable usage for each Event!
  • Win events to be rewarded with limited edition items and rare loot!
  • Events are tracked on leaderboards with player rankings. The higher the players position on the leaderboard, the more likely they are to win rare and exclusive cosmetic items!
  • Events will range from SpeedRuns, Leaderboard Challenges, PvE Boss Fights, and all forms of challenges that will reward winners with loot!

Access to Competitive Events:

As is the case with most competitive events, players do not get unlimited tries at the event. Global event attempts cost $GOLD to attempt and have a daily cap for how many times a player can attempt them. The players' best performance, from all their attempts at the event, is what is used for their position on the Leaderboards. With events running for between 1-2weeks, players can come back every day to attempt to improve their score from the previous days, practice the level and try out new strategies with the consumables they can use. Consumable usage is capped at one consumable per event level attempt - to make sure consumables can't be stacked and thus offer a significant competitive advantage. Adventurers will either need to attempt the event level multiple times to find the best approach or share their insights and experiences with their fellow Guildies to find the most competitive approach to each event.
How to enter an event?
  • $GOLD Payment
  • Burning a Golden Key allows the player to waive the $GOLD entry fee & their attempt is not counted against the daily cap for the level.
Adventurers can burn their Golden Keys to get extra practice in on the day of the level release, try out all the consumables for the level, and generally utilise the extra attempts to collect more information and insight on the level. We're excited to see what strategies players come up with for Golden Keys and events in the future!