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Understanding Basic Gameplay

PixelGuild Gameplay

PixelGuild gameplay combines tried and tested game mechanics, a meritocratic reward system, and in-game asset ownership via tokenisation on the Solana blockchain, to incentivise and engage users. At its' core PixelGuild is a platformer/dungeon crawler with different modes; Player vs Environment via a Story Mode, a Survival mode, and a competitive PvP mode focused on speed runs and strategising.
The Swamp
Our value proposition for players is simple & straightforward:
  • Accessible by a wide audience, free to play and easy to learn, and most importantly - fun!
  • The audience is incentivized to perfect their skills 1) By earning rewards in-game based on their actions and performance when completing levels 2) To compete against other players.
  • EVERY player is rewarded in various ways, with the holders of the NFT(s) prioritised and offered increased rewards and opportunities, but not any competitive advantages, as the core of the game is skill-based and meritocratic.
PixelGuild is supported by a full-fledged economy, and the core economic loop is detailed below:
  1. 1.
    Earn $GOLD in-game. $GOLD can be earned by collecting the gold coins you will encounter while completing a level. Golden Keys can also be burnt for $GOLD, amongst their other utilities.
  2. 2.
    $GOLD powers the PixelGuild Economy. $GOLD is used to purchase consumables, tokenised Items, and Legend’s Satchel from the in-game Marketplace. Lastly, $GOLD is needed to participate in global competitive events, where rare and unique rewards will be available. Golden Keys can also be consumed to open Chests and gain access to global events. A chest will be distributed to those who complete the tutorial, and $PIXEL will be used to buy chests in the future.
  3. 3.
    Legend’s Satchels will contain a) Consumable Items such as an Extra Life, Spell Power-ups and Speed Boosts - which you'll want to have in your inventory for the competitive events. There is a limit of one consumable per level attempt, to ensure competitive integrity. b) Golden Keys, in the near future. Which can be used to gain access to unique event game modes or used to unlock Loot Chests.
  4. 4.
    Holders of Guildie NFT(s) can access the $GOLD black market, and trade your $GOLD for $PIXEL before the supply is exhausted!
The Pixel Guild economy expands past simply $GOLD, with the Black Market & Ascension mechanic playing a significant role in the expansion of the economy.
Remember anyone can earn $GOLD, by simply playing the game and completing the levels. The game at its' core is completely free to play, so make sure to have your $GOLD ready for the first global event, by completing the story mode!
Spend $GOLD to participate in global events for enhanced rewards, achievements, and rare and unique items!

Story Mode

Adventurers proceed through a fantasy world full of adventure filled with unexpected surprises, chance encounters and excitement, meeting characters along the way and finding hidden treasures in secret areas! A fully-composed mystical soundtrack helps immerse the adventurer inside the Pixel Guild world, and aids them on their quest for glory and renown.
The player will initially start with the Tutorial, and upon completion will receive a Pioneers Chest, their first tokenised in-game asset, that they completely own! With the Tutorial now completed it is time for the adventurer to start their journey and complete the first story mode level, collecting $GOLD as they complete the level. Once, the adventurer has successfully cleared the first level (Forest Level), the next level (Dungeon Level) will unlock for them. The player will be able to revisit levels they have previously cleared to make sure they haven't missed any $GOLD and to further improve their clear time, or to simply practise their mechanics. The current levels in the order that they can be completed to unlock the next level are shown below:
  1. 1.
    Forest Level
  2. 2.
    Dungeon Level
  3. 3.
    Swamp Level
New levels and special events will be released over time as the devs continue building challenging levels and fantastic worlds to explore!

Dialogue and Narrative

The story of PixelGuild is presented in an engaging and fun narrative, prepared by our talented artistic director Baba.
The dialogue and story of PixelGuild are a glimpse into the mind of a fantastic creative and each dialogue sequence is cleverly crafted to involve a fun and lighthearted nature to further immerse the adventurer in the fantastic world of Pixel Guild!

Gameplay Mechanics & Combat

PixelGuild is the "Mario of Web3" - A classic and nostalgic platformer with simple mechanics to enable a massive audience to participate without the steep learning curve and pay-to-win mechanics commonly seen in modern RPGs.
The mechanics of PixelGuild are simple but can be practised until perfected opening up a world of strategy as users optimise their gameplay and hone their strategical approach. Speedruns will be a massive element of the competitive side of PixelGuild as users will compete against each other to earn rewards, secure their place on the leaderboards and also maximise their $GOLD collected in-game.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys = Movement
  • Space Bar = Jump
  • Left Click or C = Shoot
  • W or Up Arrow = Talking and Going through Doors
  • X = End Dialogue
  • S or Down Arrow = Crawl
  • CTRL = Camera Down
  • Shift = Camera Up
  • Esc = Main Menu
There is no skill cap or Pay-to-Win mechanics in PixelGuild, allowing any adventurer who has the skills and mettle to be the best!