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First up, what is a DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization and is an organization that has all its codes, rules, and regulations stored on the blockchain for transparency. DAOs are controlled by the organizing members and are not influenced by a central government. This means that all decisions in the DAO are made with governance from all its stakeholders. Introducing the Pixel Guild DAO!

The Guild DAO will enable holders to participate in the governance of the project via a descentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Guild DAO participants can exercise their voting rights on key decisions within the Pixel Guild Ecosystem.

The Guild DAO will enable holders to utilise the "Community Wallet" funds, and control elements of the $PIXEL Token to ensure a long-term and viable structure is implemented to maximise the longevity and success of Pixel Guild. In order to provide a fair DAO structure, the Guild DAO will be divided into two types of holders. The Guild DAO will be offered to those who hold at least "X" $PIXEL tokens and will empower an individual with access to the DAO.

All individuals are only eligible to vote once on each proposal to ensure the DAO positions cannot be manipulated.

Guild DAO Activities:

  • Administrative and Investment Proposals

  • Strategy meetings, with meeting notes available to all members of the Pixel Guild community

  • $PIXEL Tokenomic Proposals and Votes

  • Application of the $PIXEL Treasury Wallet, and LP Contributions.

The Guild DAO Roadmap Phase 1:

The Guild DAO will open at 100 members.

As the $PIXEL token is earnt through gameplay & staking rewards, there will be limited time until the DAO has enough members to make efficient proposals and votes on game development and ideas. During the initial phase of the roadmap, proposals and votes will aim to capture ideas and improve on existing strategies regarding the future investments of the Community Wallet. Phase 2: The Guild DAO Board will open and provide a space for individuals to speak openly, and review specific elements of the game. The Guild DAO may opt to make extensions to secure the long-term objectives of Pixel Guild, with key considerations such as the Treasury applications. Phase 3:

At the completion of the initial roadmap, the Guild DAO will take greater control over the project and shape the future of Pixel Guild.

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