What is $GOLD?

Earning $Gold

  • $GOLD is earned throughout the game, and can be claimed upon completing each level!
  • $GOLD can be earned by any player, without any requirement to invest in an NFT or spend within the game.
  • $GOLD can also be received by burning a Golden Key NFT.
  • $GOLD is needed for basic in-game transactions as outlined previously
  • NFT owners have a multiplier on the $GOLD they earn while playing the game, which is calculated based on the number of NFTs they own, along with their rarity. Find out more about how the multiplier is calculated here.
Our tokenomics have been built from the ground up PixelGuild and supports a full-fledged economy, and the core economic loop is detailed below:
  1. 1.
    Earn $GOLD in-game. $GOLD can be earned by collecting the gold coins you will encounter while completing a level. Golden Keys can also be burnt for $GOLD, amongst their other utilities.
  2. 2.
    $GOLD powers the PixelGuild Economy. $GOLD is used to purchase consumables, tokenised Items and Legend’s Satchel from the in-game Marketplace. Lastly, $GOLD is needed to participate in global competitive events, where rare and unique rewards will be available. Golden Keys can also be consumed to open Chests, and gain access to the global events. A chest will be distributed to those who complete the tutorial, and $PIXEL will be used to buy chests in the future.
  3. 3.
    Legend’s Satchels will contain a) Consumable Items such as an Extra Life, Spell Power-ups and Speed Boosts - which you'll want to have in your inventory for the competitive events. There is a limit of one consumable per level attempt, to ensure competitive integrity. b) Golden Keys, in the near feature. Which can be used to gain access to unique event game modes or used to unlock Loot Chests.
  4. 4.
    Holders of Guildie NFT(s) can access the $GOLD Black Market, trade your $GOLD for $PIXEL before the supply is exhausted!
Remember anyone can earn $GOLD, by simply playing the game and completing the levels. The game at its' core is completely free to play, so make sure to have your $GOLD ready for the first global event, by completing the story mode!

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