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Key Benefits

Golden Keys role in-game and their place in the Pixel Guild economy.
Initially Golden Keys provided a whitelist opportunity for the Guildies mint to their owners. With the migration of PixelGuild to the post-mint phase, as shown on the Roadmap, Golden Keys have evolved to have important new in-game utilities:
  • Golden Keys can be burned to open Golden Chests and Seasoned Loot Chests
  • Golden Keys can be burned to gain extra attempts at the levels in competitive events
  • Golden Keys can be burned for 5000 $GOLD (Subject to change)
  • Golden Key owners will receive an OG Discord Role
With Golden Keys having 3 in-game utilities which require burning of the Golden Keys - making them deflationary and reducing their supply - adventurers will have to think carefully about when and why they should burn their Golden Key. To get a better understanding of the Golden Keys' utility, details about Pioneer & Seasoned Loot Chests and competitive events can be found below, to help adventurers and Guildies formulate their strategy.



Golden Chests can be obtained only by completing the tutorial. One or more Golden Keys will be required to open Pioneer Chests - the more Keys used to open the chest - the better the chances that valuable loot will be found in the chest.
You'll need to finish the tutorial to receive the Golden Chest and tweet your completion screenshot tagging @pixelguild_SOL with I AM #GUILDISH
Seasoned Loot Chests use a similar but different mechanic to Pioneer Chests, but it is up to the player to acquire one of these rare chests, and investigate for themselves how to open it! No adventurer knows the encounters and the path they will take in their travels in advance...

Access to Competitive Events:

As is the case with most competitive events, players do not get unlimited tries at the event. Global event attempts cost $GOLD to attempt and have a daily cap for how many times a player can attempt them. The players' best performance, from all their attempts at the event is what is used for their position on the Leaderboards. With events running for between 1-2weeks, players can come back every day to attempt to improve their score from the previous days, practice the level and try out new strategies with the consumables they can use. Consumable usage is capped at one consumable per event level attempt - to make sure consumables can't be stacked and thus offer a significant competitive advantage. Adventurers will either need to attempt the event level multiple times to find the best approach, or share their insights and experiences with their fellow Guildies to find the most competitive approach to each event.
Key Benefits
Here is where the value of Golden Keys really shines through - burning a Golden Key allows the player to waive the $GOLD entry fee & their attempt is not counted against the daily cap for the level.
Adventurers can burn their Golden Keys to get extra practice in on the day of the level release, try out all the consumables for the level, and generally utilise the extra attempts to collect more information and insight on the level. We're excited to see what strategies players come up with for Golden Keys and events in the future.

Want a Key?

You can pick up a key below to open your Golden Chest and be ready for the first global competitive Pixel Guild level!