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Meet The Team

Pixel Guild’s core team is a collaboration of talented developers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in software and game development.

Rocket Labs

Founder & CEO
Rocket Labs is the brains behind introducing PixelGuild to Solana! Our key strategist and the Web3 Guru.


Lead Artist & Developer
Baba is the creative behind PixelGuild, in charge of creating a world that everyone will find nostalgic, engaging and aesthetically pleasing!


Lead Game Developer
Toast is the powerhouse behind PixelGuild, in charge of all elements of gameplay to ensure that the game is fun and captivating!


Full Stack Developer
Full-stack developer responsible for building the front-end application, back-end server, and blockchain integrations.


Strategy, Operations and Development
Professional services firm with 9 team members, involved in 40+ projects across Web2 & Web3.
Responsible for Product Management, Project Management, Marketing Execution, Art Generation, The NFT Launch, Development Services and Content Creation.