Pixel Guild - The Whitepaper

Whitepaper Updated: August 29th, 2022

Welcome to the Super Mario of Solana

Your adventure awaits! Pixel Guild is a collection of in-game playable Guild Heroes competing for glory in an action-packed free-to-play game on Solana!
Gameplay Trailer
Pixel Guild aims to provide gamers true ownership over their in-game items and achievements, whilst incentivizing fun regular gameplay, exploration, competitive events, and a sense of community. During their adventures, players will be accompanied by a fully-composed immersive soundtrack, as they encounter a vast collection of Heroes, Spells, Monsters, and Game Mechanics - some of which they will be able to own!
Player ownership of in-game assets, progress, and time spent playing are enabled with tokenisation of assets and an in-game currency that exists on the Solana Blockchain - $GOLD.
PixelGuild is Free-To-Play, however, there's a whole ecosystem available for holders!
Adventurers will be introduced to an intuitive yet new gaming experience that combines successful platformer and dungeon crawler level design, with a Web3-based meritocratic reward system. The fastest, strongest, and most skillful Guildies will win the rarest loot boxes and largest amount of $GOLD and have their names shouted across the land. The gameplay is focused on players enjoying fun, well-balanced, and carefully designed levels. New levels only become available once previous levels have been completed. Special events with custom levels will be periodically available for players to prove their skills, win rewards and gain renown in the Guildie community.
Pixel Guild’s free & fun-to-play model offers an attractive value proposition for the wider Solana community.
At its core, Pixel Guild has been meticulously designed to onboard any and all gamers into blockchain games.
Pixel Guild’s tokenized economy and “blockchain-integrated” item system allows users to experience true in-game asset ownership combined with an ever-changing gameplay loop. Historically, games have had to be fun, challenging, and rewarding for the player - to see success, widespread gameplay, and mainstream adoption. However, in the current gaming market, where the growth of the industry has led to an oversaturation of games being released, something extra is needed for games to stand out, and differentiate themselves from the competitors.
Utilising blockchain technology and NFTs for the in-game economy and gameplay allows Pixel Guild to differentiate itself from the competition. The ultimate goal is to provide a novel, unique and additional value incentive for players to keep coming back to Pixel Guild aside from entertainment and a great experience.
Discover more details about Pixel Guild, the in-game mechanics & economy along with future plans in the following chapters... or simply dive into the game right now to get first hand experience of how everything works!
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